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Krystal Resorts offers Tips to Speed Through Customs and reduce complaints

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Krystal Resorts Complaints |

Krystal Resorts knows that when you travel internationally, you need to be prepared for the bureaucratic process that occurs at the airport or the process will cause complaints. Spending time in the line waiting to clear customs is a part of traveling internationally. The smart travelers have discovered a few tips to help speed up their trip through customs. Many of these tips can be used by everyone and they will really help reduce complaints while on your way to vacation with Krystal Resorts.

  • Be patient – Going through customs is a necessary process. You will not make it through any faster if you are impatient, loud or annoying to the custom’s officials. It may actually slow the whole process down even more.
  • Have the right documents ready – Take the time to make sure that you have the documents and identification you need ready to turn over to the custom’s official. Make sure the paperwork that you need is filled out legibly and completely. Do not provide anything that is not needed, it will slow down the custom’s official that is working with you.
  • Know what you can and cannot bring into a country – Check the internet to find out this information before you travel. Do not try to bring something in that is not allowed.
  • Declare the value of the items that you have bought while you have traveled. If anything is really expensive, have proof of the value of the item.
  • Be honest – Custom’s officials are trained to figure out when people are trying to deceive them. It is better to be honest than to spend extra time trying to explain why you were lying to the custom’s official.


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Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team Describes How They Lower Complaints

Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Krystal Resorts Complaints |

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that for most of the employees in a hotel or resort, the idea of dealing with an irate guest that is making a complaint is not something they want to have to do. It is a part of the job that is not enjoyable and most employees would rather not have to do it. Unfortunately, it can happen. The goal of the hotel should be to limit the number of guest complaints that they receive. The team can help do that and it can also make dealing with the issues of guest complaints fun.

How to do it

If you want to make dealing with guest complaints fun, you need to find a way to deal with them before a guest gets mad and starts yelling. Krystal Resort complaints awareness squad can help accomplish this goal by getting all of the staff involved. If they have everyone looking for problems that can turn into complaints, this can happen. There are different things that can help make this a reality for the staff.

  • Training – When employees are trained they need to know what to look for in the hotel. If they spot a problem, they need to be trained how to fix the problem. They also need to know how to deal with guests that are having an issue. The staff can easily stop a problem form turning into a complaint if they do something about it.
  • Rewards – Employees that work for Krystal Resort Complaints awareness squad and notice problems are rewarded in some way. Recognition programs are one of the best ways to do that. This way, everyone wins.
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Krystal Resort Complaint Prevention Squad Describes Two Roles for the Prevention Department

Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Krystal Resorts Complaints |

Krystal Resort Complaint Prevention Squad says there are many key people who help run a successful hotel or resort. The better the team is, the more successful a hotel or resort will be. One of the teams that are often overlooked is the prevention department. If they are doing their job right, there is nothing for people to complain about. It may not seem like they are doing much when the complaints are not there, but that is not the case. In order for a hotel or resort to prevent complaints, the Krystal Resort Complaint Prevention Squad needs to focus on two key areas.

  • Preventing Complaints before they Happen – The department needs to be diligent in their effort to spot problems before they happen. They need to be on the lookout for any areas of the hotel or resort that are not working in the way they should. They need to make sure all of the team members of the hotel or resort is properly trained and that they know how to not only meet the guest’s expectations, but they try to exceed them. The effort that is put into preventing complaints before they happen can keep the hotel running smoothly and will keep most guests happy.
  • Preventing Complaints from Reoccurring – No matter how good the department is at preventing complaints, they are still going to happen. The key when this happens is to makes sure that the same complaint is not heard again. The Krystal Resort Complaint Prevention Squad  needs to analyze why a complaint occurred and determine what steps are needed to prevent it from happening again in the future.
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