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Krystal Resorts Provides Insight on Top Hotel Complaints

Posted by on Jul 31, 2014 in Krystal Resort Complaints Management Team, Krystal Resorts Complaints |

Krystal Resorts, the golden standard of luxury vacation provisions, gives travelers the opportunity to indulge in luxury like never before. Taking time away from the hectic schedules of everyday life in order to enjoy truly the best in accommodations, along with a vast amount of amenities are things anyone can expect to find while visiting our gorgeous Cancun resort.

However, one thing that sets our staff apart from all the rest is the focus on customer service and satisfaction we hope to provide each and every guest. In fact, our staff continues to find creative ways to promote some of the best policies and practices when it comes to dealing with complaints. The Krystal Resorts Complaints Prevention Squad shares these top complaints that every hotel can be prepared for and solve before their guests even arrive at the resort.

·      Maintenance: Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at the room after a flight and finding lack of air-conditioning, broken coffee makers or lights that don’t work. It’s important to have staff check on these at least weekly, if not more frequently in order to ensure that they are functioning properly.

·      Cleanliness: Another top issue travelers find are improper cleaning in their rooms upon arrival at the resort. Go over what is expected when it comes to cleaning procedures with your staff in order to avoid confusion, since many people have different ideas of what clean might be.

Krystal Resorts Complaints Prevention Squad knows these two areas are the things guests seem to complain about the most when spending time at the resort. It’s important for any hotel or resort staff to prepare for these things and handle them accordingly when they do come up.

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