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Krystal Resort Complaints Management Team Alerts You Of The Common Email Travel Scams

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Krystal Resort, Krystal Resort Complaints Management Team |

Krystal Resort members highlight the fact that there are many different scams that travelers see that involve the emails. One of the most common involves sending out emails to friends and family on an individual’s contact list saying that a traveler is stranded. They will claim to have lost their money, passports, phones and everything else.

This scam is hard for some people to avoid alert the complaints management team of Krystal Resort. Elderly people will want to help a family member that is in trouble. They will offer to send money. The emailer will say that since they have lost all of their identification, the money needs to be sent to a local that is helping them. The problem is that there is no person that is stranded and the money will be gone forever. Look for signs that this is a scam.

  • Was the email sent out to a long list of people? This is a sign that someone’s email address has been hacked and the email was sent to everyone on the contact list.
  • Does the email ask that money be sent in a way that is anonymous? If it is, an individual should be very careful.
  • Does the email say they are in a location that you did not know they had traveled to. This is a very important sign of a scam.
  • What do others say about the email? Contact the other people who have been sent the email to find out if they know anything.

Krystal Resort members say that before you ever send any money to a stranded traveler, make sure that they are really in trouble. The time it takes to do that will help everyone involved.